Daniel M. ClarkI’m Daniel M. Clark, the proprietor of this fine establishment. You may know me from my appearances at various Affiliate Summit conferences since 2006, or maybe from the various podcasts that I’ve produced and hosted over the years at QAQN. Perhaps you’ve seen my articles in Feedfront magazine. Maybe you even remember me from my time as a moderator and t-shirt artist at a popular print-on-demand company a million years ago.

More likely, you have no idea who I am.

Here are the basics:

I’m an aspiring creator of worlds. Writing has long been an interest of mine—one that I’ve put on the back burner for far too long. I am a podcaster, which is a wonderfully creative way to speak one’s mind and have some fun doing it. I’m an affiliate marketer, that breed of web-savvy people that learned how to make a bit of money from the products or services that are advertised on a site.

I have over 3,700 comic books stuffed in my closet upstairs.

I wear that hat pretty much everywhere I go.

Houston, Texas, is where I hang that hat these days. My wife and two children like it here, but between you and me—don’t tell anyone—I think that after the kids are grown and out on their own, we’ll probably move somewhere a little less hot & humid. I hear Iceland is nice.