The Big Book of Spam

The Big Book of Spam Volume One Subject Lines

The Big Book of Spam

Taking a fresh and funny look at the scourge of the internet.

Daniel M. Clark’s The Big Book of Spam is unique look at the problem of spam email in the modern world and Volume One is available now!

Updates will be posted at the official site (, where a Spam Subject Line of the Week is featured every Friday, and here at the Daniel M. Clark website.

I can point to the exact email that led to The Big Book of Spam – well, the series of emails, anyway. I’d been maintaining fairly strict email filters for years, but one slipped through one day, and it was just really funny! It made me wonder what else was going around, so I checked my junk mail folder and discovered that there was a ton of really funny things being sent around… unintentionally funny perhaps, but funny nonetheless. I shared my findings with my wife and some friends, they thought they were great, and it occurred to me that I should put them in a book!

Special thanks to the spammers behind the “Penis Enlarge Patch” campaign!