Papa Johns – Fire Your Marketing Guy

Or woman. Whoever is in charge of coming up with promotions needs to be replaced. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Papa Johns, and I suspect it won’t be the last. Here’s their latest batch of WTF:

Why? Just... why? And who is this stupid?

You’ve probably spotted the problem, but I still feel compelled to point it out. Numbers 1, 3 and 4 are exactly the same offer. How about a few more specials? Four large pizzas for $40? Five large pizzas for $50? Why stop there? Clearly they think we’re dumb enough to go along with this, so how about THE BEST VALUE: 10 Large Pizzas for $100! Amazing! What a deal!!!

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  1. Dadstreet says:

    Thank you for pointing out their “Specials”. However, we've neglected to point out their “Features”. Afterall, they have made it a point to call out that there are “Features” as well. Well, let's see….well there's the…No, that's not a feature…how about?…No, that's not quite one either….Oh wait!! I FOUND IT! You get 437 ways of buying the same exact pizza! Now that's a feature!

  2. BenSpark says:

    Their pizza has me running for the can the moment I am done but I love the garlic butter sauce for the crust and I love pepperoncinis. We used to get Papa Johns a lot in college. It isn't the best but it does taste pretty decent. The aftermath sometimes is worth it.

  3. TrishaLyn says:

    I just hate them right now because they FINALLY opened one near my house and it DOESN'T DELIVER!

  4. Witzer says:

    Guess that I lead a sheltered life. I have never eaten a Papa Johns pizza.

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