Privacy Policy

I’m going to make this real damn simple. There’s no privacy policy here because at the core, privacy policies are inherently meaningless. They’re meaningless. A website can change it’s privacy policy at any time, with or without notifying site users. They can sell their collected information anytime they want (as long as they blame it on hackers if they get caught, which is fairly rare).

Privacy policies are not legally binding documents. Get it? If a site has a Terms of Service document that a user must agree to, that might be couched in legal terms that would afford the user some level of protection. Privacy policies aren’t like that.


There’s no privacy policy at Daniel M. Clark .com. I can tell you that I won’t sell or use any data that I collect (and it’s true, I won’t), but let’s be honest… you’ll have to take my word for it.

Remember that. When you read a website’s privacy policy, unless it specifically states that it’s a legally binding contract (good luck finding one that does), you’re just taking the site’s word for it.